Benefits of Parental Engagement in Early Child Education

The role of parents in early child education is enormous. It has been proven that parental involvement in children’s education enhance positive learning outcomes among children. As the first and continuing mentors of their children, parents need to establish partnerships with the community and the school to be effective in their role in giving support to learning activities at home.

Here are some reasons parents should be encouraged to get involved during the early education of their children.

Better Adaptability in School

It is not unusual that many children learn how to first read and write the alphabets in their homes. Some may even learn how to add and subtract before they enter preschool. When children can do these basic skills, they are more prepared for the big school. They can be more adaptable to a new learning condition. Indeed, children who are mentored at home have more chances of being spared of the initial “culture shock” that can adversely impact many children during their first days in school.

More Improved Social Skills

Parents should spend more time teaching their children. It is not only good for children’s mental aspect but is also excellent to improve their social skills. It was also noted in some studies that children, who undergo early child education from their parents, show improved behavior in school.

Greater Sense of Competence

Not only will children with early child education at home feel more confident to go to school but they also have a greater sense of personal competence. They may also become more capable of learning new things. This means that they may be spared of the pressure when new subject matters are introduced in their lessons.

More Responsible in School Work

Children who are mentored at home on school lessons will grow up to be more diligent and responsible students. They will they study for quizzes, do their assignments, and participate in classroom activities. This will surely help them get high marks.

Greater Value on Importance of Education

Those who were taught in their homes on school lessons will come to realize the value of education early in their life. This can be an assurance that they will not drop out from school. Therefore, they have a higher percentage of finishing their tertiary education.

Indeed, a child’s future may depend on the foundation built at home. With parental engagement on their children’s education as early possible, it may help ensure that a child will have a brighter future ahead with a greater likelihood of a college education.


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