Foods That Lower Cholesterol

For a society that has seen lifestyle diseases like diabetes wreak havoc, more than ever, people have become very careful when it comes to their diets. Healthy eating has become a habit, and people are strongly advised to consider eating healthy. Foods that lower cholesterol can be a start.

Lower cholesterol by eating these foods


If you have been combing through healthy eating journals looking for the best foods that lower cholesterol, well, fish is what you should be bringing into your weekly diet. Fish contains omega 3 oils, a kind of poly-saturated fatty acids that are known to help fight against blood clots, which are the main causes of heart attacks. Plus, by introducing fish into your meal, you are also ensuring that your body retains the right level of good cholesterol.


If you love taking bread in the morning, consider replacing it with oats. By doing so, you will be reducing the cholesterol levels in your body by over twenty percent in just two weeks.


Nuts do not only come fully packed with plenty of nutrients that protect the heart, but studies have also shown that eating nuts like peanuts and walnuts can in a myriad of ways lower LDL by over five percent.


Beans are not rich in soluble fiber, but they also take a considerable length of time for the body to digest. It leaves you feeling full for longer after a meal. Try pinto, black or kidney beans. Each comes packed with one-third of your daily fiber needs.


From several studies that have been done, garlic has strongly come out as one of the best foods that lower cholesterol. It does not even stop there; it is also known to reduce blood pressure and prevent blood clots.

Fresh vegetable and fruits

Vegetable and fruits always come rich in fiber, making them the best way to deal with high levels of cholesterol in the body. Some of the fruits we are talking about include berries, apples, melon, and oranges. As for vegetables; try cabbage, peas, broccoli and beetroot. They are all rich in essential vitamins and most importantly the much-needed fiber.


If you love taking soy, keep taking it. It is the kind of food you should be eating more often if you want to lower fgfhghjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjhjhgjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhcholesterol in your body. By consuming at least one ounce of soy protein each day, you can drastically reduce cholesterol levels by up to ten percent.

If you are already taking the foods mentioned above, keep it up. If you are not, then, you need to start because they are perfect for lowering your cholesterol level.

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