Serving asparagus in the right way can increase your love for this healthy vegetable. Asparagus is among the healthiest vegetables on earth. People tend to overlook it in their diets. Asparagus is rich in fiber and has reduced calories. Besides, it has properties that make it help with reducing water retention. You probably did not know how to serve this vegetable.

Serving asparagus in different ways

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If you want to create a classy delicacy, then you can go for chicken breasts slices cut in long strips. Wrap the slices with blanched asparagus with slices of cheddar cheese. Bake in your oven for about fifteen minutes to melt the cheese and ensure your chicken strips cook enough. You may serve with mustard or have it as it is. This is an easier and faster dish to prepare and will introduce a whole new delicacy in your table.

 Boil then add to salad

Chopping boiled asparagus vegetable and adding to your salad helps you keep your eating plan clean. Cook the vegetable till it is ready then put in cold water and allow it to cool. Cut the cooled asparagus into bite sizes and toss with your salad.

Tossing with cucumbers or tomatoes

In this, you may consider adding cheese and olive oil while dressing. It is difficult to come by a salad made of asparagus since most people do not know how to prepare it, but it is an excellent addition to you dishes.


You can consider pickling the asparagus vegetable. Pickled asparagus can be homemade, or you can buy it from the stores. Store-bought asparagus contains sodium so you should check your consumption to maintain the level of sodium in your body. Ensure you serve just a little portion of this.


Here you need to toss the vegetable in your frying pan with mushroom and onions. You then add soy sauce and garlic sdfghjgfdsghjhdfsghfjgfdhfgfdhand cook till it is tender. This is a good way to add vegetables to your diet without having the common vegetables like broccoli.

Perhaps you have not had a taste of this nutritious vegetable because you did not know how to serve it. Now you are up to date with the various ways of serving it. It is time to add asparagus content for a better eating plan.