Tomatoes and your health

Tomatoes are fruits that are regarded as vegetables and widely used in all in preparing various dishes. They are rich in nutrients that are good for your health.

Health benefits of tomatoes

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Research shows that taking tomato juice often enhances your hair texture and appearance. This is because tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin K that is essential in helping to strengthen tufts of your hair. By doing so, it revitalizes your hair growth, increases the luster keeping your hair healthy.

Reduce risk of blood clot

Tomatoes are rich in phytonutrient elements useful in preventing clumping excess platelets cells in your body. Excessive clumping of platelets cause blockage in the bloodstream, and this leads to clotting. This clotting is risky for the heart. Tomato juice helps reduce this risk.

Reduces cancer risk

Tomatoes are said to lower the risk of developing cancer such as prostate and breast cancer. This is because of its fiber content that maintains your colon’s health. Keeping your colon healthy reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Also, tomatoes contain an alpha-tomatine nutrient that alters metabolic activity of cell that causes prostate cancer. Beta-carotene, lycopene, and total carotenoids that are present in tomatoes highly reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Prevents gall bladder and kidney stones

Due to its antioxidant nature, tomatoes acts as a disinfectant to your body. In this way, it protects you from diarrhea. It also prevents gall bladder stones as well as kidney stones. Tomatoes greatly reduce incidences of urinary tract symptoms.

Improves bone health

Bone strengthening is achieved by tomatoes by improving the calcium ratio in the body. The r
ich supply of antioxidants in tomatoes also helps strengthen your bones and keeps them healthy at all times.

Strengthen immune system

A regular consumption of tomatoes works to increase the level of vitamin C in your blood. This vitamin inhibits your stress levels and boosts your immune system. Drinking tomato juice at least once a day eases stress as well as tension.

Protects vision

Tomatoes being rich in lutein and zeaxanthin phytonutrients, tomato helps improve your vision. It ensures that the dfghjklwertyuiozxcvbnmwertdegeneration of your eyes is kept at bay always.

Tomatoes can be taken cooked, or fresh, or even blended to form juice which will help your body gain a lot of health benefits. Avail these benefits at your table by making this wonderful vegetable part of your daily diet.

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